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Spotting scopes are used to take better aim targets in different distances. There are a lot of considerations that you have to make before buying one, like magnification, optical quality and cost. However, most scopes are effective under one of five spotting ranges 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 yards. Every now and then, shooters try to do 1,000 yards, which requires a top-grade and high performance spotting scope. 

Best Spotting Scope For 500 Yards

What makes a Best Spotting Scope For 500 Yards Magnification


The rule is the farther the target, the high quality the scope has to be. If a 100-yard scope only requires minimal magnification, a 500-yard scope will require more magnification to hit the target. While shooters watch magnification, they also have to look at the optical system of the shooting scope. 

Optical System Quality


Typically, the compromise to high magnification is a decrease in quality of the images as you zoom in on the target. At 20x, the image appears high quality, but at 60x, it can get blurry. This happens to a lot of 500-yard scopes, apart from premium ones. The cheaper the scope, the faster the image quality drops as you zoom in. If it’s bad at 40x, it will be worse at 60x. If that’s not a trade off you want to make, then you need to get a higher grade scope. 



Unlike magnification though, optical quality is not something you can check on the packaging. What that would show is the specs of the scope at the lowest distance. That could be identical for most scopes. They start vary as the distance of the target grows. The optical system is hard to perfect. It requires precision in choosing the glass to use, what eyepiece to put in, how the optical system is aligned and the coatings on the lens.

Handling external conditions


There are some external conditions that even the most premium scopes won’t do well in. Some of those atmospheric conditions include heat mirage, humidity, air turbulence, haze and dust. They either render a scope useless or less precise that they would have been under ideal conditions. 



A premium grade scope can help a shooter navigate a less than ideal environment. They help the shooter in assessing the air current and the atmospheric conditions in an area. It won’t always work. There severe conditions that render target shooting impossible, no matter the distance. Your chances are better with a high quality, 500-yard shooting scope though. 


With a long range shooting scope, you get what you pay for. If you want a high quality image no matter how much you zoom in, you have to invest in premium scopes that can be more expensive. Click Here To read More reviews.